Civil Rights Violations Often Come From Those Sworn to Protect Us

Luckily, you've found a wrongful arrest attorney in Cheyenne, WY

Whether intentionally or accidentally, police officers can make errors that significantly impact their duties. As a U.S. citizen and a resident of Wyoming, you're entitled to specific civil rights. Attorney Robert Moxley can explain those rights to you and take legal action to right the wrongs that you experienced in Cheyenne, WY or a surrounding area.

The law office of Robert T. Moxley PC is often hired to represent those who've been:

  • Profiled based on race, sexual orientation, religious affiliation or other constitutionally protected status
  • Harassed, assaulted or battered by police
  • Illegally searched
  • Improperly detained
  • Falsely arrested
  • Maliciously prosecuted

If you've been the victim of wrongful arrest, attorney Moxley can help you seek justice. Call 307-632-1112 now to retain a wrongful arrest attorney in Cheyenne, WY.